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Obama's strange relation to Islam

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Obama at American University

"Obama: USA is a large Muslim country" writes Mats Tunehag in the Swedish news paper Världen idag.

Last Thursday President Obama gave a speech in which he turned to the world's Muslims with some strange messages.

- Would Obama deliver a speech to the world's Christians? Buddhists? Hindus? Probably not, asks Mats Tunehag in Monday's editorial in the Swedish Christian magazine World today (Världen idag).

A Muslim USA

According to Mats Tunehag Obama has dimmed USA's Christian heritage and he points out that Obama is the first president who refuses to host USA's National Day of Prayer while he publicly stresses that Islam "has contributed to USA's positive development."

Obama recently called the U.S. a large Muslim country.

While Obama stresses that the U.S. cannot break ties with Israel, he was, as Mats Tunehag put it, "weak regarding Iran's terrorism and nuclear ambitions, current religion, Women and Islam" and of this Mats Tunehag is afraid will lead to "both history revisionism and distortion of reality."

- Islam has not - as Obama says - a proud tradition of tolerance towards other practitioners of religion" says Mats Tunehag.

Dishonest ostrich mentality regarding Islam

According to Mats Tunehag Obama means that "Islam and the Koran has nothing whatsoever to do with terrorism or oppression."

- Where Islam has a decisive influence, there are neither women Jews and Christians well treated, and there is the absence of democracy and of religion. "It is an intellectually dishonest ostrich mentality to refuse to discuss Islam in relation to these tragic facts" says Mats Tunehag.

Iran's leader and Al Qaeda responded to Obama speech with new hateful threats.

Editorial office

Source: Världen idag

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