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Scientology Church advertises on Wikipedia

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A Scientology Church

Wikipedia stops the Scientology Church from editing articles about their activities on Wikipedia's pages.

The event has drawn attention in the media and made head lines in for example The Register, The Huffington Post, Fox News and the Daily Mail.

Even on Wikipedia's internal mailing lists the media attention where discussed and surprised comments were expressed about how the news had landed even on many front pages.

Wikipedia's workgroup called "ArbCom" made the decision and the working group is therefore ironically called for "Wiki Court" by The Register.

ArbCom believe that scientologists are spreading propaganda for the Scientology Church in articles.

The articles reminding about advertising stirred up a conflict between different users of the Internet-based encyclopedia - those who are positive and those who are negative to the Church of Scientology, reports UK's The Telegraph's electronic versions.

"Users of the tool are badly treated and abused" according to the Wikipedia ArbCom committee.

In order to save the reputation of the encyclopedia, Wikipedia now stops all material coming from IP-addresses that can be linked to Scientology, so as to prevent the spread of Scientology advertisement on Wikipedia.


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