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Faith and Science

RIL News and UK atheists in live blog-TV debate

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In November 18, two biblebelieving Christians discussed faith the Bible and science with atheists in a UK live blogTV-show named The Magic Sandwich Show.

Video article - Psychology Within the Church

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Part one in a series of articles on the detrimental influence of psychology in the Christian church.

"18 million years old" fossils are young, according to known physics

Scientists have extracted organically preserved muscle tissue from an allegedly 18 million years old salamander fossil

Darwin's theory plays limited role within medicine

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A medical laboratory

Although the theory of evolution has been a fundamental principle of modern biology for 150 years, it has played a limited role in the field of medicine, a new study reports

Language history confirms the Bible

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Distribution of modern language families over the World

Facts about language history and development supports the Bible's data, but causes problems for evolutionary theory

First cell would have required a miracle: Minimal cell more complex than expected

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A schematic cross-section view of a typical procaryote (lacking a cell nucleus)

The theory of evolution, which would have required ready made self-replicating cells in order to even begin, gets further trouble with the results from a new study

"Missing link" was an exaggeration

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The fossil Ida (Darwinius masillae)

The human ape Ida became a media fiasco because of so many exaggerations in the recent media rapports