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Column 2

I am free (Music)

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Lynda Randle sjunger

A mighty song about the soul being set free.

Abba Father and four mighty instruments

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Jaffo Gate Quartet

A quartett of male voices and their differencies together forming a rare sound in the song Abba Father.

A child that comes (Un Enfant Viendra)

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Mireille Mathieu sings 'Un Enfant Viendra' with the French boys choir PCCB.


Homosexuality, Romans 1 and the Death of a Nation

In Romans 1 it is made absolutely clear that the sin of homosexuality is the pinnacle of man’s rebellion against God.

The pedophile scandal in media

Below a list of links to other medias reporting on the pedophile scandal in Pietarsaari in Finnish Ostrobothnia originally published by RIL News.

Practical Sexual Abuse Policy

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RIL News receives useful tips on guidelines and prevention of sexual abuse and assault and therefore we now can publish a proven policy against sexual abuse. 

Darwin's theory plays limited role within medicine

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A medical laboratory

Although the theory of evolution has been a fundamental principle of modern biology for 150 years, it has played a limited role in the field of medicine, a new study reports

Language history confirms the Bible

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Distribution of modern language families over the World

Facts about language history and development supports the Bible's data, but causes problems for evolutionary theory

First cell would have required a miracle: Minimal cell more complex than expected

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A schematic cross-section view of a typical procaryote (lacking a cell nucleus)

The theory of evolution, which would have required ready made self-replicating cells in order to even begin, gets further trouble with the results from a new study

A million in acute distress in Bangladesh

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Over one million people are in acute need of help after the cyclone in Bangladesh.