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Concerning the occurrences of the word create in Genesis 1

Publicerad: 2009-10-27

Short extract from a comment of the article "Errors in the creation account" in Dagen, which I sent via mail to the journalist at Dagens (here edited in order to clearify due to the lack of its original context).

This page is used only as an "attachment" to another comment of mine at the blog "Apg29".


Sounds a little strange to "chop off" the creation account after chapter 1, but OK, for the sake of the argument, even if we stop at the first chapter the claims are wrong, because there the word "create" (Hebr. 'bara') is used not only two (2) times but four  (4) times. And not only in two verse (1 och 27) but in three verses (1:1, 1:21 and 1:27)!  Ses screen-shot below.

And moreover, God doesn't only create man, but in verse 1 also "heaven and the earth", and in verse 21 the great whales and "all living things that moves" and, finally, in vers 27, man. Clear as a bell.

Below I marked with underscore What was being created, and encircled That he creates, which should cover the aspects being called in question.

(click the image to enlarge)

[snip] All have "full authority" to check with the source text for one selves, which can be done using the program "Interlinear Scripture Analyzer", ISA, which was used above, or look up the text on the Internet which is available for free (in PDF-version).

Links below to OT and NT for those of you who would want to check with the sources for your self:


Rolf Lampa