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Video article - Psychology Within the Church

Publicerad: 2012-01-25

Part one in a series of articles on the detrimental influence of psychology in the Christian church.

Note that the video does not concern all parts of psychology, instead it is directed primarily against psychotherapy and  psychological counseling (including so called "Christian" such).

Has psychology and psychotherapy become a modern mixed religion? More and more critical voices are heard even among psychologists and psychiatrists against contemporary perceptions of what clinical illness really is, and what belongs to every mature man's moral responsibility and personal character.

The founders of modern psychology were atheists. They hated Christianity. It is well known that they were sexually perverted, and also were drawn to occult spirituality. The video below explains in more detail the background of a strange psychological "disease culture" that has rapidly grown over the last few decades.

Knowledge or guess work?

Exactly what within the area of modern psychology is based on science and what is fantasy, conjecture, opinion and pure occultism? A strong motivation for Sigmund Freud was to undermine the Christian faith. Carl Jung, one of Freud's disciples, was busy with dark spirits and occult seances, and so on.

In the video produced by the well-known apologist Dave Hunt and his collegue T.A. MacMahon, quotes several well-known scientists and professors of modern psychiatry, among others Dr. Thomas Szasz, professor at New York University (Emeritus), Dr. Joseph Durlak, Professor, Clinical Psychology at Loyola University Chicago, Dr. Hans Strupp, Vanderbilt University. Also Dr. Martin and Deidre Bodgan, conservative evangelical psychologists share their views of the situation among Christians.

Note that the video i in 6 parts. Click the right arrow link to get to the next clip.

Psychology within Church (1/6)

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More material about the spiritual traps related to modern psychology is planned.

Rolf Lampa


  • Video speaker: T.A. MacMahon, collegue to the apologist Dave Hunt.

  • Dr Thomas Szasz, professor emer,. New Yorks University (homepage).

  • Dr Josef Durlak, professor, Clinical Psychology, Loyola University Chicago,

  • Dr Hans Strupp, Vanderbilt University.

  • Dr Tana Dineen, clinical psykologist.

  • Dr Martin och Deidre Bodgan contributes. 

    a Christian couple which dedicated their lives to uncovering what they call the "psycho-heresy"

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