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Terms for membership


Membership at RIL News is not a right, it's a benefit.
Registering allows the opportunity to post comments to some articles on RIL News. When commenting, please try to keep a sober and friendly tone, in addition to keeping common laws. Entries may be subject to moderation without public explanation (see also §8).

Read through the following rules carefully before registering or posting comments.

In Swedish

§1. Never ascribe to someone else an opinion or an assertion - justificate! - Unjustified insinuations and allegations may be erased.

§2. Personal attacks are permitted(!)*, but:

  • §2.a ...never without a clear justification, and
  • §2.b ... never anonymously. Never.

§3. Quote excerpts from sources (or links) - formulate your own arguments and cite only relevant sections. A link or a reference is not in itself an argument. Refrain from linking to other sites without quoting relevant parts.

§4. Distracting / diverting messages - do not draw the focus away from the subject as a tactic. The moderator will delete such comments.

§5. Stay on topic - See preceding section.

§6. Quote only the text you reply to - "Over quoting" (over-citation) can cause interference by a moderator.


§7. Moderators can err - Yes, they can. But, in order to avoid chaos they have absolute authority.

§8. Moderators need not discuss their actions in public (for your sake) - Don't even think about starting a quarrel with a moderator. Reason for this is, among other things, to protect the moderatorerna against endless quarrel consuming time and energy, and also for avoiding the risk of someone being embarrassed and further offend someone who have a hard time accepting the fact of being moderated. A person being subjet to moderation is instead to drop the case and and try again, but in a better way next time.


§9. Multiple user accounts are not allowed.

  • §9.1 The forum reserves the right to certain user names.
  • §9.2 All clearly Bible-related names are exclusively reserved.

§10. The identity of olther users must not be uncovered - Always use the user name when addressing another user. Remark - The right to remain anonymous stops at personal attacks.

Violation of law

General laws and rules also apply here. One can for example not encourage law-breaking. The copyright of messages is not owned by the author posting at RIL News. Posted messages means that the author agrees that a post may be :

  • published on the web site
  • moderated by a moderator
  • backup copied

Hint: Preview your message before posting it!

Handling of personal data

As a registered user, I permit my personal data to be stored, backed up, and data processed by the editorial office of RIL News.

Personal attack - Defects of character doesn't come from misconduct, instead misconduct stems from defects in character, or if you wish, evil thoughts comes "from an evil heart". Therefore one must sometimes be able to point out the fundamental problem being discussed (ie, attack the person). All this based on clear justification of course.
Confronting the root of our problem, our human sinful nature, is a biblical view (Jesus often did just that, but remember, justificate any attempt to do so!).