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Abba Father and four mighty instruments

Publicerad: 2012-02-08

A quartett of male voices and their differencies together forming a rare sound in the song Abba Father.

The Dutch quartet Jaffo Gate Quartet who has been singing together since 1983, sings Abba Father. The four members have different voice modes that are complementary, and together they form a fantastikst polyphonic  live instruments which God himself has thought out and created.
Listen and try to distinguish the different voices in the following aggregate euphony! Hint, the deep bass voice comes from the man on the far right, Winston McDonald.

De last verse is not sung in English although the lyrics is repeated.

The four singers names in the order they appear in the video, from the far left; Alfons Wielingen first tenor,  Gerson Neslo bariton and leader, Stan Hoepel second tenor och längst till höger Winston McDonald, bass.