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Darwin's theory plays limited role within medicine

Publicerad: 2009-12-30

Although the theory of evolution has been a fundamental principle of modern biology for 150 years, it has played a limited role in the field of medicine, a new study reports

This conclusion, which is reported in a new scientific report, highlights something that is rarely highlighted, namely that the theory of evolution does not belong to the kind of science we usually refer to by the word "science" in everyday speech.

 Indeed there is a crucial difference between repeatable, operational science on one hand, historical science on the other. The first category is based on things that can be tested by repeatable experiments and concretely applied in reality, and can therefore be used to develop new technologies, medicines, etc.

The second category, historical science, can not be tested by repeatable experiments, and therefore is in need of reliable eyewitness accounts in order to tell anything with any certainty. Without eyewitness testimonies, the interpretation of historical relics, remains speculation. It is in this latter category that Evolution belongs, and lacks evewitness testimonies. *

* Besides from the part of "evolution theory" that is sometimes called "micro evolution" but is in fact variation according to created principles, within given boundaries. This is what is found when studying current biology today with repeatable experimental science. 

Samuel Lampa
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