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2015-07-11 11:00


2015-07-07 12:37

A former advisor to tyhe president of the USA talks about the less known background of today's abortion industry, militant feminism, HBQT-movement, multi-culture fixation, racist- och facist marking and alleged hate speech from people with opposing views in the death march of the Western culture affecting not only our grand children but even the generation which is growing today.

signs and wonders
2013-11-09 23:10

The Bible speaks of God's "power" and many are wondering if we still today can make use of the power of God in the same manner as in biblical times? 

2012-11-22 02:28

In November 18, two biblebelieving Christians discussed faith the Bible and science with atheists in a UK live blogTV-show named The Magic Sandwich Show.

Sekulär själavård
2012-02-10 20:13

"Psyching out the church" - new video article on how the psychotherapy which were founded by perverse men scared Christians to believe that they don't have the education needed for taking care of each other.

A deeply troubled man
2011-07-27 20:34

The Bible has something important to say about psychology and man's psyche, and even about God's own psyche.

2010-08-01 20:19

In numerous passages the Bible encourages believers to judge, to test, to discern, to evaluate, to discriminate, and to differentiate, but do we listen?

2010-01-15 02:40

Child victims from physical and sexual abuse committed by Christian adult men may start to associate God the Father with a kind of "fatherly" mindset which manipulates, assaults and batter children into total submission.

2010-01-14 21:08

For years Hindu sacrifice rituals were practiced at Solängsskolan in Gävle, Sweden, the news paper Världen Idag reports.

2009-12-27 22:48

A pedophile scandal with more than ten victims is now being rolled up in a revivalist movement within the state church in Pietarsaari in Finnish Ostrobothnia. Years of covering-up keeps the total number of victims unknown.

2009-10-19 12:25

Christians are in threatening letters urged to convert to Islam, pay Islamic tax or leave the country. If they refuse "they should be killed, their property and homes burned to ashes and their women treated as sex slaves. And they must themselves bear the responsibility."

2009-06-18 05:13

Two German nurses pursuing internal training at a Bible School were murdered in Yemen