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Psychotherapy kills - God's power gives life

Publicerad: 2012-02-10

"Psyching out the church" - new video article on how the psychotherapy which were founded by perverse men scared Christians to believe that they don't have the education needed for taking care of each other.

This article contains a video dealing with the dark background history of modern psychotherapy, the new way of looking at the soul even among many Christians. The words mind or soul is in the Bible's original Greek text the word 'psyche' ('psuche?').

Many Bible-believing Christians has replaced biblical Christian doctrine of the soul (psyche) with secular psychotherapy in a relatively short period of time. And suddenly these Christians no longer that they are capable of helping each other with the difficulties and problems in life as Christians did quite well for nearly two thousand years. Many have no idea how many Bible verses speak clearly of the psyche (link to Rilpedia's article on psyche)

Who's lying?

One big problem with psychological counseling is that its foundational premises often state the exact opposite of what the Bible teaches. For example, consider the psychotherapeutic concept of man as being intrinsically good. The Bible however says that no man is good but Christ Jesus, and that man instead suffers from a sinful nature. Jeremiah 17 states that "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Either God or man must be wrong.

Perverse men

God is said in the Bible to be the one who can discover a person's interior. "I the LORD search the heart '( Jer 17:10). Psychotherapists, however imperfect people, think they can search other people's minds despite the fact that man is capable of hiding the most horrible secrets.

Biblical doctrine is consistently contradicted in psychotherapy. One reason may be that the founders if psychotherapy were sexually perverted men who were attracted to the occult and hated Christianity. Several of the founders deliberately wished to destroy Christianity and the Christian Church. They therefore came up with their own thoughts about human nature.

And Christian priests, preachers have started to believe in these doctrines, with the result that many ordinary Christians no longer believes that they are "competent" to help each other when in need.

Today, Christian churches and congregations which earlier helped each other to carry burdens, the most significant referer of people to psychotherapy - a secular substitute for the Christian gospel.

The video

In this video Tom.A. MacMahon tells us more about the dark background of the modern psychotherapy:


Doctrines by sexual deviants?

In the video T. A. MacMahon shows , among other things, that two of the founders of psychotherapy got the ideas for their theories from their own well-known sexual perversions. "Then they tried to support the validity of these ... including incestuous and perverse fears and desires, by trying to show that they were universal to all children." (9:50). Against this background one might wonder why Christians wants to have anything at all to do with psychotherapy.

Within psychotherapy they maintain that a man's mental and emotional problems are caused by, and often are even determined by, actions external to the person himself. With this is meant that parents, environment and circumstances determine our actions (which is usually referred to as "blaming others"). The Bible, however, contends that man is tempted by his own desires and that he commits sins even knowing quite well what he's doing, even causing guilt feelings to himself. Guilt is a common cause of deep anxiety and mental turmoil.

But a person having been reconciled to God is at peace and have a strength of intellect and self-control (2 Petr 1:6, Galatians 5:22,23). According to the Bible such control over ones behavior is a result of the work of the Holy Spirit..

The truth sets you free

Today also Christians are attracted to thinking that they "must" comply with all their feelings and desires. This is not true to the Bible according to for example 2 Peter 1:6 and Galatians 5:23 which tells us about how God's children can gain self-control, ie to control their own behavior. But if you start thinking that you must follow your emotions, then many put down the last resistance even to things they really do think is wrong. Younger people can get caught up in thoughts about improper sexual identity, thoughts that they are taught that one can not control or influence. But the truth is that we are shaped by the thoughts we allow ourselves to think. Therefore, Christians should think the different, ie, in the way God in His word teaches us to think.

And "the truth shall set you free," said Jesus. But if we listen to the godless perverted doctrines built on lies, we become rather hopelessly trapped in our own desires, even considered dumb, frightened and helpless, and as treacherous apostates we will sink deeper into problems than many of those who had no faith to begin with. In addition, we do not think we can help and support each other in all our troubles. All such things are thus the result of apostasy.

But, the good news is that those who listen to the word of God instead of the godless psychotherapeutic counseling, they will have a faith a hope and a future. But by departing from the Bible's advice, many Christians miss out on opportunities to mature and to be strengthened by the trial instead of being degraded (see 2 Petr 1, the whole chapter). God operates through His grace and truth and wants to give hope also to those who failed completely or has gone through great difficulties earlier in life.

This gospel is a good message and a power of God saving everyone who believes ( Romans 1:16). Psychotherapy on the other hand replaces or totally kills such faith and such hope.

Rolf Lampa


  • Bibletexts in the New Testament which deals with man's psyche, see Rilpedia: "Psyche (Bible)" - recommended reading!
  • Full trancript of the video (Swedish, link).

Persons mentioned in the video (list not complete as of yet):

  • 19:28 - Norman Vincent Peale, author of "The Power of Positive Thinking" och the theory about "positive thinking".
  • 19:38 - Dr Smiley Blanton, who opened a clinic in the basement of Norman Vincent Peale's Marble Collegiate Church.
  • Dr Gordon Allport, Psychologist doctor
  • Joseph Durlak - Loyola University Chicago
  • Dr. Bernie Siegel
  • 39:55 - Dr. Bruce Narramore, Ph.D. President, Narramore Christian Foundation
  • William James, -

"Diseases" mentioned in the video (list not complete as of yet):

  • - Oppositional Defiant Disorder - Trotssyndrom (dvs "Oppositionell Trots Störning")
  • 34:38 - Mental Disorder of Written Expression - Dysgrafi
  • 35:24 - Mathematics Disorder - Dyskalkyli ("Matematik syndrom")
  • - Non-Compliant With Treatment Disorder
  • ... med flera.